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Powered Snow Blower Actuator Chute Deflector Control Kit - Designed for Deere, 47", 54", & 60" Snow Blowers (Semi Pre-Wired w/ Toggle & Rocker)

Powered Snow Blower Actuator Chute Deflector Control Kit - Designed for Deere, 47", 54", & 60" Snow Blowers (Semi Pre-Wired w/ Toggle & Rocker)

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Say goodbye to the frustration of limited control over your snow blower's snow trajectory.

With Push Industries Chute Deflector Control Kit, no more worries about damaging landscaping or piling snow on freshly cleared surfaces. Once installed, easily adjust your snow stream to keep your face snow-free during winter storms. It's baffling that push-button deflector control isn't standard on all tractor-mounted snow blowers. Not all systems are created equal, and Push Industries sets the standard with our revamped, high-quality chute deflector control system. At the heart of our system lies the commercial-grade IP67 actuator, purpose-built for harsh winter conditions and constant freeze-thaw cycles. Its unmatched internals and unprecedented design ensure durability. Encased in an anodized aluminum body with a custom-molded two-piece boot, it offers superior protection.

Our latest version features a pre-wired design for effortless installation. The actuator comes factory-wired with a 6ft wire and molded plug, while the kit requires just 7 wire connections. Components include 4 female spade connectors, 1 inline fuse holder, and 2 ring terminals. Plus, it includes both a metal toggle and custom-labeled rocker switch, ideal for Deere or Koti cut-outs. Designed for Deere systems but adaptable to snow blowers up to 60", our kit ensures compatibility with all brands. The comprehensive installation kit contains heavy-duty wire, weatherproof connectors, mounting hardware, and more. With Push Industries, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in quality and exceptional customer service from a family-owned and operated business.

Our best-selling system is revamped for easier installation: Semi-prewiring reduces connections. Actuator comes factory-wired with 6ft of wire & molded plug. Kit needs only 7 wire connections: 4 female spade connectors, 1 inline fuse holder, and 2 ring terminals. Includes metal toggle & custom-labeled rocker switch for Deere or Koti cut-outs.

Push Industries Exclusive Triple-Sealed Actuator: Superior Weather Protection with IP67 Rating, Innovative Weather Scrape Technology, and a 100% Duty Cycle. Purpose-Built for Cold Weather with Specialized Components.

All necessary hardware to complete installation is included: We have sourced only the highest quality components using heavy jacketed wire, quick disconnect, fuse holder, stainless steel hardware, heat shrink electrical connectors. As a bonus we also include toggle switch, rocker Switch, drill bit, and plurality of extra electrical hardware to help custom tailor the install to your exact tractor.

Easy-to-follow, in-depth instructions make the installation process a breeze: If you can operate an electric drill and crimp electrical connections, you can easily handle this straightforward installation. For most John Deere 47", 54", & 60" Snow Blowers, actuator mounting holes are usually predrilled in the chute at the factory. For all other brands, no sweat – we provide an easy-to-use drill template, ensuring simple but accurate hole placement.

Push Industries' exclusive limit switch not only ensures precision and durability but also operates efficiently in all conditions and temperatures: Unlike cheaper alternatives, our actuator's limit switch delivers optimal performance with minimal energy consumption. Experience the superior quality of our purpose-built actuator's limit switch. It's important to note that when a limit switch fails, it renders your chute useless and stuck in one position.

This kit was designed for Deere systems but includes all components to be virtually universal on all snow blowers up to 60"

This kit is the perfect alternative to the manual cable deflector kit. It can be used to replace OEM AM126215 and AM132714 or used in lieu of them.

Part#: 118.504
Dimensions: 10x5x5
Weight: 5Ibs


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